Help needed in Blair, Nebraska

Rick Nantais

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Hello fellow photographers
A good photographer friend of mine passed away a few weeks ago. He was living in Blair near Omaha. His wife got a big bunch of Nikon lenses and Fuji lenses, a scanner, a Canon printer (Pro 9000) and more. Last week I went to help her to clean this stuff and take inventory. To give you an example there's a 80-400 and a 200-500 Nikon, a 100-400 Fiji and more. Is there any photographer in this area who could help us clear the gear ?
Thanks for your help
PS the D850 is gone

Ben Egbert

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Not a Nikon guy, but I can recommend selling this to MPB. I have recently sold a bunch of canon lenses there and you will not get top dollar, but they are fast and easy to use.


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Anyway to list out the lens and the prices she would want for each of them? I think they will sell better that way.
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