How to make a DNG for Lets Play or critique

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How to make a DNG

The lets play image should be made from a raw file with all settings at zero.

You will need to download the free Adobe DNG converter.

The converter will convert all eligible files in your folder so it’s best to have a single image folder.

The following screen shots show the main interface and the preferences page.

In the preferences page, you can click in the “use lossy compression” window and with the arrow choose from among the various sizes. Either 4.0 mp or 2560 pixels/side work fine for our purposes.

Back on the main screen, set your “images to convert” folder, to the appropriate folder.

Set the “save converted images” folder to your choice. I just save in the same folder. When converted, you will find a raw and a DNG side by side.

Use convert not extract. A window will pop up showing the activity and will close when all files have been converted. As I said, if you start in a large folder full of raws, you will get lots of DNG files you may not want.

The DNG file can now be emailed to or uploaded to resource as follows

Go to resources and choose add resource in the upper right side.

Under category, choose critique raw uploads.

(see screenshot below)

Click continue and with upload file selected, upload your dng file. If it is too large, you will get an error message.

(see screenshot below)

In the title field, enter let’s play with a date for the Saturday it will be presented, for example

Let’s play 7-28-2018

The tag line field must also be filled, I just use the same info as I did for the title.

Note, the resource will simply reside in resources until I create the next let's play post on the next start date.

Main screen of the DNG converter
Screenshot (2).png

The preferences page
Screenshot (3).png

Once in the resources window you will Choose category here

Screenshot (6) copy.jpg

Upload image here

Screenshot (7) copy.jpg


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