Huntington Beach Pier


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While at most SoCal beach locations, a medium tide of about 2 feet works best. High tide will cover most of the beaches so it's not as photogenic. And then low tide will often be below the sea stacks and tide pools, so it's a bit boring. But at Huntington Beach, a low tide is awesome as it allows for some really cool reflections in the wet sand of the pier itself. That's this case with this image that I took a few weeks ago.

At the beach, one of the subtleties that can take some time to process right, is past the sunset, when there is a hint of color still showing in the clouds if you look close. Those colors are easy to lose while processing. This is another image that Ben was kind enough to process for me, and you can see how well he handled those subtilties.

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This is the kind of shot where DxO RAW processing really shines as it allows you to pull out the details in the shadows when the pier is close to being a silhouette. Ben did a good job with the light on this along with the subtle colors.

Oh yeah - nice capture :)
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