Lady Boot Arch and Milky Way

Brandon Moore

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Haven't been on or posted in a while. Been out shooting a lot with more photos than I can process. Here's a recent one from a couple of weeks ago during the new moon in the Alabama Hills. I've finally started incorporating some editing in photoshop which I really like for my Milky Way photos.


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Yeah Brandon!!! You have been missed here, so I am glad you are back. :)

This is pretty cool with the Milky Way. Let me say that to not use Photoshop to process your Milky Way photos really limits a person. So it’s great that you have started to.

It takes 10 seconds to make a distinct sharp edged layer mask in Photoshop which then allows you to totally separate the ground from the sky. It’s so powerful, well as it sounds like you are finding out. :)

If this was mine, I would do 2 things still. I would darken the ground some more and then I would brighten the sky some more.

Please keep posting some more photos of your recent trips, it’s great that you have been getting out. I don’t know if you saw, by I posted a photo of Arch Rock with the Milky Way from last Friday.

Brandon Moore

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Hey Jim, thanks for the feedback. I agree on the sky in this one. It’s a bit dark. The learning curve for photoshop has been steep for me so getting hang of masks and layers is taking a bit. But I really like being able to dodge and burn the MW.

I did see your picture of Arch Rock. I was there the night before I took this - 4/2. I did a little road trip Joshua Tree for a night, 2 nights in Alabama Hills, and then 2 nights in Death Valley. I was pretty tore up by that last day since I tried to shot the stars every night.

I’ll post my Arch Rock photo soon.


Neat result. I do agree with Jim about the light balance between the ground layer and the sky but that's not a hard tweak at all once you have the layers and masks defined.
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