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Jim Dockery

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In my continued enthusiasm with the shots I got up at Raven Lake last week I'm spreading them across the forums. I'm not much of a portrait shooter (wish I was better), and even less frequent with selfies so don't post here much. I had time before the sunrise and was figuring out where to set up for a time-lapse when I very carefully walked out onto this point (it drops off a long ways to 3 sides - no tripping in the wet heather!). Using a combo of my remote (which wouldn't work that far), a 10 sec. delay, and quick feet, I got this on the second try. Seemed like a perfect spot to shoot an environmental self portrait.


Mountains L-R: White Chuck's South Ridge, Glacier Pk., Mt. Pugh, Sloan Pk.


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Very cool Jim! It's great to have you spreading the wealth to these others forums too.
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