Lanercost Priory

Ken Rennie

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I cycled here today, 6 mile round trip, to see if the water levels in the Quarry Beck were low enough for good photography (No) and whether the churchyard had any flowers out (Yes). This 12thC Augistinian Priory was once the seat of power in England when King Edward 1st stayed here for 5 months, with the entire court, while waiting to invade Scotland. It has been frequently attacked by the Scots, the border is about 10 miles North of here. Although most of the buildings are ruined the West end ( right hand as you look) is still used as the Parish Church. Ken

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This is seriously cool Ken. I wish we had something even half the age of this to explore on a local level in the Pacific NW. The cemetery looks quite interesting as well. Nice work with the flowers as a foreground to the Priory.

Ben Egbert

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great images ken, love that second one with the flower foreground. English history is a sort of hobby for me, and I recall reading about Edward the 1st staying here, but it took your comment to jolt that memory back..


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Love these Ken! What a really cool Priory. I appreciate the history you added a lot, it adds a new dimension to seeing these. It's interesting that part of it is upkept and in use, and the other half is in ruins. What an interesting dichotomy.

Like Ben, the history of the UK is very interesting to me, and on my one visit there, I was soaking it up like a sponge. It was almost like a living history even though so much of it was in ruins since the ruins still stood. For us here, where often an ancient building might be 100 to 150 years old, it's amazing to see ruins and active buildings more then 1000 years old.
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