Last of the Cypress


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Last take from last Friday at the cypress swamp, I promise.
Found a little more open avenue into the woods, and still zoomed to 220mm and cropped a bit as well to try to clean up the edges.
Maybe just how my mind works:confused:, but the reflections especially made me think of an old gothic cathedral, with massive pillars and arched windows.

Darcy Grizzle

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This is wonderful. Makes me wanna cruise around that front tree & see what else is back there. The reflections look exactly as you imagined, Gods Church!


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Hey Barry,

I thought from the title you had captured the last standing cypress tree. Sounds a bit crazy I know, but that's where my mind went. :eek:

This is a very cool shot, probably my favorite of the whole series! Everything is in focus, a great reflection, a well balanced composition, really perfect looking in my eyes!

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