Let’s play #51

Ben Egbert

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My first reply in the newly updated forum. I wanted a warmer look. so here is my workflow.

Set lens correction
WB> shade
Exposure +74
Highlights -73
Shadow +100
Whites +5
Blacks +60
All other sliders zero

In perspective, Vertical -20 then crop

In photoshop
Mark darkest and lightest points using threshold.
In curves set BP at 5,5,5 WP at 250,250,250
Run Topaz exposure
Run Topaz Studio2, Clarity, Dehaze, Detail at 30%
Run Topaz Brilliant Warm

Still a bit dark so used Curves>lighter

Reset BP and WP.


Amy Earl

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Nice work, all!

Jim, you set the bar high with your well-worked entry :)

I sort of feel like each consecutive entry is an improvement. Love the warmth in Jameel's but love the airy, clean feeling of Alan's...this is gonna be a difficult vote. Not sure if I'll have time to join in but it's fun watching anyway!
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