Let’s play #54 (added files)


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Here is a pretty straight rescue attempt. I used lots of exposure compensation in ACR, then my normal Topaz steps including starting with Topaz Noise AI where I pulled out some detail, then clarity, contrast boost and exposure.. By this time the truck and river were recognizable but the foliage and sky were still a mess. So I used gaussian blur to just make it look OOF and then used multiple to Darken the area. I then burned down the remaing hot spots.

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By the way, you did a great job here Ben. It’s amazing to think of how much was actually recovered from an original that was so overexposed it looked like a stencil.

Kyle Jones

Sorry Ben, I was in Yosemite yesterday and out of touch. No need to include my joke in the result. I meant to do a real entry but got busy.
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