Lighthouse in the sunset


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it's not that we don't have farm houses in the neighborhood, but I really was looking for the last of fall color And the lighthouse point was the best around. Then the sun playing across the shore line caught me by surprise . Maybe next time I can get farm house and fit in 🙀

This was the original intent


I like the surprise better🤫


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Hey Tim,

That's some really cool work with the drone! What a great view.

I am not sure if maybe it's me, but in #1 the whole water area looked extremely pixelated. Did something go wrong there, or is a viewing issue on my end?

#2 looks super sweet! I love how that lighthouse is just right there in the front being backed up by the fall colors.


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I see it too. It doesn't show on the Lightroom version, but does on the Lightroom Mobile and this upload. I am using the new version of Lightroom and using the masking function for most of the adjustments. The original file is a pano created on the drone from raw files but outputted as a jpeg. The upload is done with the share function on Lightroom Mobile. Right now I am not sure where the problem starts.

Here is a direct export from Lightroom
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