M78 Nebula


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M78 is one a few of the guys in here have been capturing lately, so it wet my appetite to try and give my hand at it. I think it turned out really well. At least I am happy with it.

I captured it with both the L-Pro and the L-Enhance filters. But I ended up not using the L-Enhance in the processing as it cut half of that blue Oiii signal in half. It did show a bit more of the Ha (red) signal, but in this image I cropped out the Ha as I wanted to focus just on M78.

I also processed it to keep the dark nebula visible. It's something I am more conscious of now, so I am trying to preserve or enhance them as I think the dark nebula can look cool.

I am going back out to image tonight, the forecast is for clear skies and no wind, though I am up in Colorado, so the night time temperature is supposed to dip to 20 degrees, which is actually much better then when it had been forecasted to drop to 13 tonight just a few days ago. :)

27 - Lights at 600 secs with the Optolong L-Pro Filter
30 - Flats
30 - Dark/Flats
10 - Darks

iOptron Gem28
ZWO ASI2600mc Pro
ZWO 120mm Mini - Guide Camera
Askar Fra500
Stacked in Pixinsight
Processed in Pixinsight and Photoshop

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