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So, I've been contemplating the purchase of a medium format (120) film camera for the past several months. I have been considering the Pentax 6x7 format 6x7/67/67ii and the Pentax 6x4.5 format of the 645/645n/645nii, as well as the Fuji GX680/GX680ii/GX680iii because I love the Fuji's 6x8 frame size, as well as the fully articulating front and rear elements for architectural photos and macro work, maybe product photos as well. All models mentioned have a large selection of very fine and gorgeous lenses available. I don't mind lugging a heavier camera around the city or while hiking, along with a heavier duty studio tripod, if necessary. I, primarily, shoot handheld always, but a tripod definitely comes in handy sometimes, so the added weight of the tripod is also being considered. I have been shooting film since high school (1987) and digital since leaving uniformed law enforcement (2000). I prefer shooting film with my Nikon F5 or one of my other film cameras for that authentic "film look" that I really enjoy, except where digital is more expeditious and cost savings are important, or where clients demand digital exclusive of film, in which case I shoot with my Nikon D810. Anyways, I just wanted to know if anyone shoots medium format film and, in particular, one of the cameras mentioned earlier. Thanks!


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Hey Darryl, great question and what a cool desire on your part. I too am looking to get a camera that uses 120 film. I am still researching so I am not sure which brand or model I want yet.

@dan swiger might have some input.


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Not shooting MF any longer, but I still have my Pentax 67 setup with two bodies and a bag 'o lenses. Tell me, how do you shoot architecture, product and macro handheld? Are you always shooting in bright outdoor light with fast film?
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