Mingary Castle Isle of Sky, Scotland spring of 2022

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Isle of Skye, Scotland spring of 2022. So I normally only post astro photos, but I was going through so pictures from my vacation to Scotland last year and ran across this one which brought back some great memories. Stayed here 2 nights. My wife in the background. Taken with a cell phone of all things... If I remember right, this castle was build in 1100 something..... Everything in Scotland was old, lol

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Hey Ed, your Astro photos are top notch and we love seeing them, but it's also great to see non-Astro photos from you too! And especially when it's a castle, and from Scotland!!!

I have been to Scotland once, I went there a few years back when my daughter went to Wales to study abroad for a semester, I toured the country for 2 weeks before her school started up.

The isle of Skye was the one place I didn't have time for, and I am still kicking myself. So please post more. :)
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