Mt. Laurels are blooming in Harriman


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We are fortunate to have Mt. Laurels up in Harriman State Park.. so when I was laying in bed yesterday morning it occurred to me that the ML are probably blooming right now. I went up to take a look.
Here are a few from around the park.. what Im really after is a fog event and then things could get pretty interesting but for now it is what it is. All comments welcome and thanks for viewing. Regards,







Great set - those are some really neat blooms. Wish we had those in my area. Very hard to pick favorites out of this set but I love that little pond and it's reflections in #2 and the forest scenes in #1 and #3.


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These are pretty nice looking flowers. All of these are really nice, my favorites are #1 and 5. I think in #5 I would crop just a bit off the bottom to lose that sunlit flower at the bottom. Having the brightest part of the photo at the bottom edge draws the eye out of the frame.
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