Nikon 200-500 on a Z


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While Nikon seems to drag their feet on lenses, I found an used Nikon 200-500 that I am using with an FTZ adapter. The good news is the adapter just disappears. You just don't feel it's on the camera. The 200-500 , for a rookie bird guy, is much better than any of the 3rd party telephotos I tried. It will take some time to learn how to use the monster well, but it is such a great fit with the 14-30 and the 24-200 in a kit I have stopped shopping for a while




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These sure look good Tim! I guess the advantage of a big lens is that one won't really notice a small adapter on it since the lens itself is pretty good sized. So that works in your favor here. I sure like how both of these look Tim, I think you are getting your technique down good with the 200-500mm.
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