Nikon 70-180, an affordable 2.8


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Most probably a Tamron rebadge, this lens has gotten mixed reception by the critics

Nikon says it can produce .96 to 1 near macro results with a 2x teleconverter


The limitations in this picture come from me, the garden and bee, not the lens

general shots from a parade



I am really happy with the lens results, but, reality pops up and the results from the 24-200 are more than adequate for the typical use of this lens. Since I enjoy the macro work this will probably see the most use in the garden.


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Hey Tim,

Thanks for your thoughts on the 70-180. One day I will make the transition to the Nikon Z-Mount, so these are valuable.

You do have the 24-200mm? That's the lens that appeals to me, though it's not f2.8 like the 70-180mm. But for landscape work that's not an issue except perhaps in really low light when you don't have a tripod.

It's good to know it excels at macro work, do you recall what its minimum focusing distance is. I have the 70-300mm for the old F-Mount, and I like that lens a lot, but it's minimum focusing distance feels like 4 feet, so it makes it hard for any macro work.


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Jim. With the 2 x extender it is about 12 inches. Closer than I can get to a bee I will check on the distance without the 2x

the 24-200 is a lens you have to remember to take off the camera. It does so much so well that it’s addictive


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70-180 @ 70mm f2.8 4.5 inches from bottle

the red lines on the label are 2 1/2 inches apart

To answer the question before it's asked :), the bottle was my dad's and it has been part of my lens test since he past away. Some day my kids can inherit it with the Vodka bottle on the other side of the test subject. They may drink it :)


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a couple of macro subjects



Jim I am about 18 inches away from the spider and probably the bee. Focus can be slow, until I remembered my underwater photo work. Put everything into manual but the focus and put the focus into continuous. Much quicker and much more consistent.

Jim, I also have the 24-200. The biggest problem is after I put it on the camera I don't take it off. Does everything well enough. The 14-30 and the 24-70 are better lenses but the 24-200 is so darn easy to shoot and handles so much. The one problem I am finding is focusing in silhouette sunsets. The focus wants to go out to the far sky. I am going to try the 70-180 in that situation to see if it is better.


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I've had my eye on this lens for awhile, it would fill a gap I have in my mirrorless needs, just waiting for Nikon to put it on sale. Only concern I have is no VR for handheld shots, but that's not a deal breaker. Your shots here show there are no worries with sharpness!
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