Owyhee Canyon, Malhuer County, Oregon

Aaron Cowan

Hello to many familiar names from forums past. I spoke with Jim earlier this month as he was passing through the Palouse and he reminded of this forum. I hope to stop by and contribute as time allows.

I'll begin by sharing a couple photos from one of my favorite places in the west: Owyhee Canyonlands. This is a rarely visited slice of land in the ION country...Idaho, Oregon, Nevada. Many of the roads are rocky and rutted, and all the roads are a long way from civilization. This particular location is known as the Three Forks. There are a few camping spots along the river and impressive canyons all around.

#1 Middle Fork of the Owyhee River. This is shot in midday light. The only way to access this is a cross-country hike through sage brush and bunchgrass. I "found" this location by looking at topo maps. The lines got very tight and thick in the location.
Middle Fork Owyhee Pano 4x5.jpg

#2 Sagebrush along the Owyhee River. This was taken in the evening not farm from my camp site.
Three Forks Evening on the Shore.jpg

Ben Egbert

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Great set you show here, and welcome to the forum, hope to see you more often. I do remember you from the other forum.


I know where this area is on maps but have never ventured in to see any of it first hand. I like the view in that first image - amazing drop-off down to the bottom with some almost impossible terrain. Thanks for sharing these.


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Hey Aaron,

It is so great to see you again! It's been a long time, and it's always so great to have an old friend back in you! :)

And it's awesome you start off with a location probably most haven't heard of. I believe I have heard of the the Owyhee Canyon area, but I certainly didn't remember anything more then the name. What an amazing and rugged place.

#1 is really sweet with those rock towers! There is a lot to like about this and and you captured this so nice in midday light.

#2 is really cool too with that sagebrush. I like the various shades of green you have captured here.
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