Pool of light images from June and July 2021

Ken Rennie

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This was a continuation from a series of low key but high contrast monochrome waterfall images where I was looking to emphasise the texture and shape of the water flow and remove all unnecessary elements. With the pool of light images I was still trying to emphasise the water texture but now I wanted to totally enclose the water in shadow to force the viewers’ eyes onto the, mostly central, bright water. The images should leave the viewer in little doubt as to what attracted me to the scene.

This image was almost a natural for this treatment as the outflow from the splashpool was hidden behind the surrounding stones. As I worked on this image I decided to emphasise the surrounding rocks but still use heavy vignetting to contain the image.
_DSC5740-1 bonsai.jpg

This image is also a natural for this treatment as the dark brown water produces a natural vignette. The sunshine on the moss also highlights parts of the surroundings, this is also an element of this style of images.
_DSC5992-1 5991 blend.jpg

Not a natural pool of light image this time. The outflow has been darkened a lot but it still looks fairly realistic. Again the surrounding rocks have been brightened.
_DSC5740-1 bonsai.jpg

Another image that required the outflow darkened to contain the image. I would have liked a rock bottom left but couldn’t get into a position to provide one.

The water flow in this image is over the rocks whereas the preceding ones were more enveloped in and surrounded by the rocks. The shape of the water is more engaging even if it is a less satisfactory “pool of light” image.
_DSC6141-1 6143 merge.jpg

This is a series of small waterfalls spreading the interest throughout the scene and producing a more dynamic image but still heavily vignetted with patches of highlights in the rocks and moss.
_DSC6105-2 from laptop v2.jpg

A change of location and geology with no large boulders or moss but beautiful rock textures to highlight.
_DSC7723-1 from laptop white stroke.jpg

I have visited this location often and reprocessed this image from 2015 in the pool of light style.

Finally a real waterfall that fits into the pool of light style and is my favourite image in this section.
_DSC7720-1 copy.jpg



Wow - quite the set. It's almost hard to keep track of which shots are which but the ones that really grab me (in no particular order) are #2, #3, #6, #7, and #9. A stunning place to play with falling water from what you have shown us.

Ken Rennie

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Oops things have got a little mixed up. I will try and correct it but it will be at least a day as it is late here and I am off to Scotland tomorrow. Ken


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Wow Ken! What an awesome series! Each one is awesome, I sure like the look.

My order of favorites are: #2, 6, 5, 9
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