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The Best of 2022

It's that time of year when we can all look back, not just our lives but also on our Photography. We at FocalWorld hope that last year was a successful year for you and your family and also for your Photography.

BEST OF 2022_Updated_dw.jpg

So here are the Rules or Guidelines. :)

1. Create your own Thread in this Forum

2. Title it - Best of 2022

3. Post up to 10 of what you consider to be your Best or Favorite photos taken during 2022. If you don't have 10 that you feel are your Best of, post less. The 10 is a max #. If you only have 3 photos for example that you feel are really special, then only post 3. :)

(Post any type of Photography. Pick out the best 10 from anything you have photographed. You don't have to have previously posted the photos here on FW)

4. Please give a short 1 sentence comment with each photo. Tell us WHAT you were thinking, WHERE it was taken, and perhaps WHY it was special to you. (and # them please)

Note: Please also # your photos. With so many being posted it makes it so much easier for the viewer to reply when you have listed each photo by #. :)

We look forward to seeing everyone's awesome photography! :)


PS. Please # Your Photos.

PSS. Pretty Please # Your Photos.

PSSS. Thanks to John Holbrook for the Best of 2022 Graphic
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