Puck Castle

Graeme F

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Was driving past this neglected ruin and this time decided to stop. Took a single, rushed 20s exposure as clouds rolling in and not much time to set up properly. Will return I think and maybe take a much longer exposure.

comments and suggestions welcome as ever.

Anyway any


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Very cool Graeme! I so wish we had century old castle ruins to put in our photos! :(

This is certainly very nice, though I would darken it a bit more overall to give it more of a night time feel, and I would darken the blues on it to then let the stars shine a bit more and to add to the night time vibe.

Graeme F

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Haha I'd happily trade a crumbling pile of stone and neglect for your clear skies and vistas!


Outstanding shot Graeme - I like this point of view with the bare branches making the back of the castle look like a porcupine.

I am one of those photographers who doesn't like clear skies at all. I'd much rather be shooting with clouds.

Amy Earl

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Very cool ruin. That amazed me when I visited Ireland, how you can just stumble across 1000-year-old ruins in a random field. For Americans that's a whole nother level of old! 🤯

I agree with Jim's editing ideas. Can you try that and post it? It would be great seeing those stars shining out of a deep blue night sky...
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