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Ok, Rick and I came up with a plan that would allow 6 vehicles, at the expense of dropping Panorama Point from the itinerary. Pano point only has one camp site. In fact only two places have more than 1. That is Maze overlook with 2 and the Doll House with 3.

I will need to do a bit of mileage research to get a firm itinerary but it will probably go like this:

Sunday and Monday at the Maze overlook.

Tuesday and Wednesday at the Doll house.

Thursday we will split into two groups with one at the Wall and the other at maybe Chimney Rock. These are not far apart and break up the drive from the Doll House to hans flat..

Friday we meet up and drive back to Hanksville via Hans Flat

This will be tricky to get two permits for exact dates and places.

Those who are interested chime in and let us know if you like this plan.

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Sounds good, but really I like what will get me into the Maze and to the Dollhouse, meet new people and talk motorcycles with Ben again! ;-)

Ben Egbert

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You are in Sonny, and so is Jeffrey when he replies.

If either one drops out, we will revert to the original plan.

You will probably have some new bikes by then ;)
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