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I'm heading out Sunday for a road trip. I had this trip scheduled for April, but well, you know what happened!!😭
I'll be running through Northern New Mexico up into Southern Utah and maybe spend a day or two around Moab.
Will then head up to Wyoming to hopefully see some fall color around the Tetons before moving on to see a cousin and explore around SW Montana. After a visit there will return via Custer, The Badlands, Black Hills, and anything else I can think of before returning to work on the 12 Oct.
Anybody going to be around and want to hook up - let me know.
I'm hoping the smoke will not be an issue and the weather cooperative, but I'll take what I get. :cool:


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Hey Barry, that sounds like a very fun trip!

If it was me, I would reverse your order as fall color is already going on and looks to be heading to peak color up in the Tetons, with peak in maybe 4 or 5 days. If you stick to your plan there may not be any color let for you in the Teton's. I saw a photo from Oxbow Bend yesterday and it was 90% yellow with just a little green still mixed in.

Normally I would love to connect with you and could have, but I am getting on the road in the next few hours and heading up to Colorado for a few days before the color is gone there (fall color in Colorado is a week or two early this year). By Oct 1st I will be driving up to Minnesota, and will pass through the Badlands and such on my way there.

We have some guys out and about. @Jordan Marsh mentioned he would be in Utah about the time you will be. @Jeffrey is also planning on Utah at some point also.

But I would seriously reverse your order Barry, switch hotel rooms around if you had already made reservations, it would be worth it.


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Hi Barry, I'm leaving Sunday morning and driving to Cedar City. I plan to explore east of there around Brian Head, Cedar Beaks, and Paguitch as well as anything else I hear about while there.


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i've been across i-80 from the east coast to eastern wyoming this week. there isn't much color. and starting in nebraska there was very heavy smoke from a wildfire in snowy range on friday. so heavy i changed my travel plans from snowy range (which was going into pre-evacuation mode) to yellowstone np.

there's very little color in eastern wyoming right now. yellowstone has some good color in spots, but it's not at peak yet. paradise valley in montana is hit or miss, there were some pockets of bright yellow, a lot of green and a few spots were past peak. but it snowed last night in the mountains.
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