Sedona in the Fall

I am sure many photographers don't consider the Western U.S. or Sedona as a mecca for fall color. But the brilliant yellows of the Cottonwood trees and the reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows of the Big Tooth Maples adjacent to the beautiful bark of the Ponderosa Pines and sandstone walls makes for some impressive images.

These are Cottonwood trees at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, AZ
dead horse ranch I.jpg

Big Tooth Maples provide the color in this image near Harding Springs Trail in Oak Creek Canyon.
big tooth maple.jpg

Big Tooth Maples contrast with the trunks of Ponderosa Pines along the Harding Springs Trail in Oak Creek Canyon.
sedona fall.jpg

Different varieties of sunflowers bloom from late summer into the fall. These are along the Verde River near Cottonwood, AZ
Verde River Sunflowers susnrise .jpg

West Fork of Oak Creek is an iconic place for fall color. Thousands of people flock to this location in the fall to witness the colorful Big Tooth Maples against the steep canyon walls of Coconino Sandstone.
west fork alcove.jpg
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Delightful set. The cottonwoods/reflections are amazing - almost a perfect mirror. The big tooth maple shots also stand out for my eyes.

The Harding Springs trail shot almost reminds me of things I would see as staged leaf arrangements in the Portland Japanese Gardens where the red leaves only exist in numbers right in the center of the scene.

The shot with the big tooth maples and the ponderosa trunks is neat - it brings out the 3D effect of the scattered colors well.


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This is a delightful set as Alan said! I mean, wow! I am thinking I might need to adjust my fall color schedule to get some Sedona time in also. All of these are great shots, but #2 and 3 really stand out.

Martín el Escocés

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These are really beautiful, Douglas. The colours in the leaves are spectacular! Sedona looks a great location to visit - at any time of year, going by your shots (looking forward to Winter!) - I've never been to the area but am checling it out on maps, as we speak....:)

Bart Carrig

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Wow, Doug. We get good colors in the Adirondacks, but those are spectacular. Looks like I may have to adjust my schedule.

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