Sigma 14–24 mm F2.8 DG HSM

Graeme F

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Afternoon everyone

I'm thinking of the following lens for Milky way photography this season. My standard wide-angle Canon F4 16-35mm L is not really ideal although I do love the lens!

The Sigma 14-24 seems to be getting some decent enough reviews in terms of sharpness across the frame, low aberrations etc but I was wondering if anyone on the forums had used it and their take on things? I already have a Sigma 50mm art lens which is excellent so I think the Sigma quality is good and will use it for Milky Way Core and constellation shots at night.

I would be mounting this on the EOS RA with adaptor and tripod (and maybe the benro polaris if it ever shows up...)

Thanks so much!


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I haven't used the 14-24mm by Sigma, but I do have the 14mm f1.8 Sigma and love it. It's my main night time lens.
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