Snow Lake, Mt. Rainier NP

Jim Dockery

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I'm sure there are many Snow Lakes around the world, I know of two here in WA. I'd never been to the one in Mt. Rainier NP until last week when my wife and I did the easy 2.7 mile hike into it (don't be fooled by the trailhead sign that says 1.1 miles!). No views of Rainier from here, but Unicorn Pk. provides a dramatic backdrop. I may have to return to spend a night in the fall after a dusting of snow provides relief.




Nice little setting - looks like the view is well worth the hike. I like the view in the first one through the trees.


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These look great JIm , Its amazing how much there is up there.. I have only been there once for about a week and thought you could spend your whole life shooting in the park and only scratch the surface.


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This is really sweet Jim. I think Unicorn peak provides a great backdrop.

I wonder how many Unicorn Peaks there are? There is one in Yosemite too.
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