So I bought a Q2


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I hope everybody is doing well.. I have been busy at work but have been keeping an eye on the forum.
I recntly bought a Leica Q2 and absolutley love it for all kinds of reasons.
This camera is going to be lots of fun :)
Here are the first few images worth posting they all cross over to other boards but since the common thread is they are all shot with the Q2 i'll post them here.
All comments welcome and thanks for viewing reagrds, Dean




A work in progress .. Origami Penguins

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Ben Egbert

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New gear always stirs the creative juices. Looks like yours are ell stirred:) You have some fine example here.


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Wow Dean! These are great!

Those are some conditions with the low light that really pushes the envelope for a camera.

Your photos have been missed here over the last few weeks Dean, so it’s great to see these. Hopefully work lightens up for you.

My favorites are #1, 3 and 4.
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