Somewhere eastern San Diego near Cuyamaca Lake.

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The hardest part taking a panoramic shot is you don't always get a good shot of the sky but every now and then I get lucky. I like #1 compare to the rest. The other two the drone wasn't steady and I had to clean the sky a bit and it isn't easy doing in with panoramic shot. These are 21 images each shot.
Drome is DJI Mavic Pro 2, no filters used.

Discanso 7.jpg

Discanso 1.jpg

Discanso 2.jpg


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Hey Lenny,

Drone shots to me need to follow the same rules as regular photography. Just being up high and taking a photo doesn't make it a good photo. The only one compositionally that draws the eye with some ground interest is #1 because of the road patterns. In #2 the sky looks a bit off, you captured the setting sun better in #1. And the ground does have more detail but nothing that allows my eyes to flow. In #3, the sky has some hot areas and looks uneven, and the ground is open on the left but trees and houses on the right.

As a suggestion I would crop half of the sky in #1 as I look at it more.

I think drones in a civilized area can provide a challenge to get a flowing composition on the ground. @Jim Dockery does a great job with his, and might be someone that can give some tips too.


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To solve the stability problems you might want to try the tripod mode.

On the left side of your controller screen (phone or iPad) the third symbol done (its a controller symbol but looks more like a goofy robot face) Clicking on that will give access to 7 different modes for your controller. Tripod sounds like it should work, but also slows down your flying speed and smooths out control response.

BTW, the quality of your sunburst and the lack of additional flair is really impressive . Looks like the Pro2 is a good upgrade.
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