Summer Skiing on Mt. Rainier

Jim Dockery

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My partner Eric and I explored some steep chutes off the Muir Snowfield last week. We were dismayed to find the lower part melted out into a steep waterfall that forced us to climb up and over to another gully that went to the Nisqually Glacier. We had this part of the mountain to ourselves and the snow was perfect corn.


Eric enters the steep part.


Me heading down.


Snow soft enough to carve easy turns, but not so wet or deep to worry about sluff avalanches.


Eric looking down the steep slope to the waterfall just to the side of the lower rocks. This would not be a good place to fall! He very carefully stomped a platform, took off his skis, strapped them to his pack and followed me up and out to traverse over to the next gully that was continuous.


Me cruising the easy lower slopes. Mt. Saint Helens behind.


Distinctly different views of Mt. Rainier from what most of us see when we visit. Glad you brought us along in the form of your camera.


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Wow, amazing skiing there Jim!

It's great you guys caught sight of that waterfall before disaster struck. I went back and tried to pick favorites, but all of these are great for different reasons.

Jameel Hyder

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Can't get over the skiing in the summer part. Great images Jim and views of Rainier only possible after some climbing.

Jim Dockery

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Thanks for the comments guys. Not much action over here in the sports forum so I have to add something every now and then. Here is another from two days later on the Cowlitz glacier.

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