The Land of Denali


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Really digging deep for these as they are from 12 years ago on a trip to Alaska where I essentially never processed any of the photos except for a couple. So I guess it's time to finally get to some. :rolleyes:

This is in the Denali area. I have no idea what the names of the mountains are, this is just outside the park if I recall correctly. One thing I found out in Alaska is they have so many mountains huge #'s of them don't even have name. Also, what I loved was how the soft sunset light would go on for hours.

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Nice glow on both the clouds as well as the mountain peaks.

Wading through such an archive sounds like a nice rainy day project. You do have some of those don't you? :)

Jon Buffington

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This is just lovely, Jim. I am somewhat envious as I lost a good portion of my archives over about a 6-7 year period. Hopefully though (one day) I may be able to retrieve some of them. Glad you are getting to go back through these. It is fun to re-visit images that were never processed.
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