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This is a brand new Contest, these Rules can change in time as we work through how exactly this will work.

The Purpose of this Contest is to examine The Recipe to a good Photograph. Like any Recipe, it will have Ingredients that combine to make something delicious. In our case, each week we will list a key Ingredient for that Recipe.

Your job is to find photos you have taken in the past, or you can go out and purposely take a photograph for this contest, but it's to enter a photo of your own that you think best demonstrates that Ingredient.

All Photos submitted can have been taken at anytime, they do not have to be current.

Please do not post your photos in the current The Recipe Contest thread. Create your own thread, with the same Title as the Current Weeks The Recipe Theme.

The Contest will begin on Friday and end the following Friday.

Voting for the Winner will be on Saturday through Monday.

The Winner will be able to suggest the Ingredient for the following Recipe Contest.

Voting will be done by the use of a Poll. A Voting Thread will be created with each of the photos listed sequentially and with a Poll at the top.
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