Time Lapse Lunar Eclipse "Beaver Moon"

Ben Egbert

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Welcome to the forum. and what a great entry. I guess you took two sets of exposures, one for the bright part and one for the dark. Obviously tracked. great job.

LG Images

Just one looooooong set actually. Using the gear below, and yes sir, it was tracked. I set my intervalometer to shoot every 30 seconds throughout the eclipse. Then I manually changed the exposure (length only), as it went. Not the most scientific method I know, but the final effect came out ok for a beginner like myself. And thank you sir!

Gear images low-light pictures taken on iPhone 12 pro max
Camera ~ Canon 90D
Telescope ~ WO Zenithstar 61
Flattener ~ WO 61A
Mount ~ Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro
Power ~ Jackery 500 & 240


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Welcome to FocalWorld Larry!

I would venture to say that there are some Pro’s that are wishing theirs came out as nice as this one did! I really like the pile of this! Especially since my viewing got clouded out about 1/3rd of the way into my Timelapse I was taking. I can live vicariously through your awesome capture.

LG Images

Thank you gentlemen! I briefly browsed a few posts here last night before turning in and what I’ve seen (so far) is very impressive! I think I’m going to like it here!
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