Toiyabe Again


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Just as I picked up a new camera (a7r4), my most often used lens (old canon 70-200 f/4) appears to be falling apart. It got good mileage for 8 years and $400. This is from north of Conway Summit. All comments welcome!


#1 Yellow Ribbon
Yellow Ribbon.jpg

#2 Split Overlook
Split Overlook.jpg

#3 Hard Work in the Fall
Hard Work in the Fall.jpg

#4 Between Two Pines
Between Two Pines.jpg


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Very cool Tim! Conway summit is a fun area to work, and you came up with a great one. You got some really nice shots here.

Congrats on the new camera! It’s funny how sometimes it is when we get one new item something else does right after we get it.


Very nice set of images - not going to pick a favorite since I like all of them. The pattern of fall leaf changes in the first one is quite unique.

Dave Johnston

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Really nice shots. I especially like the first one. A few years ago I had a hike of the entire Toiyabe Crest scheduled but I couldn't do it because it was still snowbound, in June. I ended up driving around the entire range, taking pictures at lower elevations, and did a day hike up from Columbine campground up toward Arc Dome, until I got tired of postholing and losing the trail. Sure wish I could have done that, it looks like fantastic scenery.


Ben Egbert

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Great set and another vote for the unique shape made by the split band of yellow in the first.
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