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Mike Lewis

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So I flew my drone a second time yesterday and got a little more comfortable with it. I still have nothing from it I would consider very post-worthy but at least yesterday flew in a more scenic area than the 'surface of the Moon' flatland area on the corner of the grasslands the last time out. This time was up in the mountains along the Peak to Peak Highway. Bluebird skies were not impressive and I now really need to slow down the gimbal and drone motions to start to get more cinematic video.

However, my post is more about video questions. I recorded the bulk of my footage from yesterday in 6K resolution, realizing that might present some issues but figuring I could find something easy and quick to convert the footage. Last night searching I did not find as many options as I was expecting. I could not find much info at all about the format (codec?) being used by the Evo 2 Pro to encode the video. When I did finally convert it I found the quality to not be noticeably better than the 4K I took. I guess to be expected on a 4K monitor. I know that 6K lets you 'punch in' and pan in post if you are converting it to 4K. So here are some questions:

1) Does anyone have direct experience with Evo 2 Pro 6K footage, as far as what format it is recorded in?

2) What are folks using to edit video? I am on a PC and do not see myself buying a MAC just for this purpose, so it has to be PC compatible.

3) What kind of quality bump (if any) can I expect by recording in 6K and downsampling to 4K?

At some point I am hoping that I will be taking useful video and want to have at least some of this figured out by then.


Ben Egbert

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I can and have shot 8K on my R5, but only the one time, I found no way to edit or even share it. It plays fine on my PC but unedited. I shoot strictly 4k these days. I use Photoshop and Movavi for rendering at various stages. I prefer Photoshop for the first render and Movavi for titles, transition, music etc.

Jameel Hyder

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Don't know about what codec Evo 2 uses, however one advantage of 6k/8k would be the ability to crop.
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