Waldo's Juniper


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Went out to Waldo Canyon to experiment with the new to me AF-S 18-70mm and the 470nm filter. Colors were flat and with a storm rolling in it was very cloudy so no sunlight. The color image I shot was not doing it for me, so converted to B&W. For me it works much better this way.

C&C's are always welcomed.

Per Ben's suggestion, which was excellent BTW! ;)

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Ben Egbert

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B&W works for me too. I really like this, but it's a bit tall for a vertical, I would use 4x5 or at least 5x7. I would normally say take it from the sky, but that radiating cloud pattern needs to stay. Maybe just a touch off the bottom and another touch on the top, Stoll a ver good image.

Amy Earl

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Great crop and great photo. Really nice range of b&w tones. I like the strong contrast and cloud patterns that serve as an excellent backdrop.


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Hey Sonny,

What a super cool tree! And those clouds radiating above it work so well.

I like the original still the best. Nothing wrong with the crop, but I think the original just sings a sweet tune to me. :)
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