Waterfall Wednesday 9/9/2020


Good morning and welcome to another edition of Waterfall Wednesday. This edition marks 3 years worth of waterfall pile ons :)

I am going to kick this off with a wintertime scene at Multnomah Falls. This image has a closer view of the lower portion of the falls. When it gets cold enough for scenes like this one to come to life ice cleats are mandatory to get to the viewpoint as the spray from the falls coats everything with a layer of ice.


Pile on with your own waterfall images.


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Pecca Falls in North Yorkshire newly processed and cropped to a square. I may have shown the original before. I have been out all day taking images of a local small stream learning to use my new camera so maybe lots of new images next week. Ken
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What a super cool waterfall Ken. I like how it pours down from 2 sides!
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