When the Geese Fly


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Wow! This is so awesome Roger. I took me a bit to actually figure out what I was seeing as there is just so many geese in this.

Roger Bailey

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Oh my God!!! Where was this, Roger?
Doug, this event was just south of Klamath Falls, I have also experienced similar fly offs in Sacramento River Preserve but This is probably the best photograph I have of this behavior. Usually happens when an Eagle is nearby.

Roger Bailey

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That had to have been an incredibly noisy fly off event. Amazing numbers of geese.
Alan, When I was there and previous times, they talk. It is a hum of geese; it ebbs and flows and then it will crescendo to a higher pitched hum. sometimes it just will fall back but when it reaches the highest level it is a signal they will fly. That is the best description I can give you other than it always causes me to have, no pun intended, or maybe, goose bumps.
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