Winged Wednesday 10/24/2021

Eric Gofreed

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Seeing that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I thought I would contribute some winged photos for the festive holiday.

Turkey 1.jpg

Turkey 2.jpg

Angry turkey seems like a Star Wars Character to me

Smoked Turkey.jpg

Smoked Turkey is a Thanksgiving family favorite. However, this turkey was being smoked by a brush fire at Bosque del Apache.

Great Horned Owl.jpg

I stopped at a farmer's market. It was a wonderful old barn-like building with a huge selection of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and mums. Halloween trimmings adorned every corner of this wonderful market. Stalks of corn, pumpkins, Jack-o-lanterns, artificial spider webs were everywhere. Old tractors and bales of hay formed a border between the market and a pumpkin patch.

This great horned owl was the main attraction. “What’s a nice owl like you doing in a Halloween display?” I queried to the owl. “I heard that,” said a lady behind me.” I’m a wildlife rehabilitator and I display different animals here so people can see them.” While I stared at the owl, the lady asked about my camera and huge lens. “I like to photograph birds.” I showed her photos on my phone and as she flipped through them, I put ten bucks in the donation box. She smiled, “where would you like to photograph him?” Grinning from ear to ear as I donated $20 more, “In the pumpkin patch!!!”
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