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    Lone tree, frozen field

    Thank you Bart and Graeme, appreciate it :)
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    Lone tree, frozen field

    A lone tree in a frozen field, taken from the roadside yesterday evening on my way home from work. Now that the days are getting longer, leaving at 5 is offering some nice sunset opportunities. I leave a little early if I see conditions are good from my office window. Last weekend's rain and...
  3. Western Vermont Winter Scene

    Western Vermont Winter Scene

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    Deer Creek Winter View + drone view

    That is some serious snow! And that's a stellar pano. Looks real nice enlarged.
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    The Water Tower

    Thanks. I didn't know they put cell transceivers on these, but it makes sense. Thanks Jameel :) Thanks Jim! I'm amassing a small collection of these industrial silhouettes, what with the crane and the wrecking ball I got in the past year. I think I'll print them and make a little gallery in my...
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    Nelson Homestead

    Very neat in black & white. Looks like it's on its last legs.
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    The Water Tower

    This is a water tower I pass by on my way to work. The silhouette of it on the horizon at sunset often makes me think of the aliens in War of the Worlds. I lucked out with the interesting clouds this evening.
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    This is stunning, Andrey. I love the melting reflection, such a contrast with the severity of the straight edges and angles. All your urban photos are really strong, they belong in a gallery.
  9. The Water Tower

    The Water Tower

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    Water Lillies & Lotus Flower

    Stunning. #2 and #3 are my favorites :)
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    A Peaceful Coastal Scene

    What a gorgeous place. I like the footprints and the way they make you imagine wandering along this idyllic coastline. They also make a nice curve to draw your eye into the composition. There is a pleasing sense of depth with the staggered position of the four little islands. There must be a few...
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    Central Coast Sunset

    What an awesome photo, Jim! That spray is huge. There's a nice amount of elements without it being too busy around the central drama. I agree with Alan's comment. I think leaving the rock more as a silhouette would add even more drama as well as more appropriate lighting, and the birds should...
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    Portrait of a Tree in Winter

    Thanks @Ben Egbert @AlanLichty @Jameel Hyder @JimFox ! Jim, I did try some other crops with the whole tree and foreground. It's a bit tricky to work with because I was shooting across the side of a hill.
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    Walking while Winter..

    I like your minimalism and creativity, and trees are one of my favorite subjects. #1 is a pleasing composition and very interesting, and #2 is a sure winner with the beautiful tree & shadows and the crop you chose.
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    Portrait of a Tree in Winter

    Thanks Alisa!
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