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    Utah lake sunset

    Ben, This is very sweet. I also shoot with 5DSR. Bob
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    The Boat at sunrise

    Roger, I ditto everyone above. Absolutely beautiful. Bob
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    Big Sky

    Alisa, Very beautiful! Bob
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    Bristlecone After Sunset

    Jim, This is a beautiful image. What accounts for the bright foreground? I am assuming you did some light painting which is very even and nicely executed. Bob
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    Doug, Yes, you are correct. I was also looking at trying to get motivated to go out and shoot it. Unfortunately, my apathy got the better of me. I kept telling myself by the time I got in position it would be gone. Stupid thing to do. Bob
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    Alan, Yes I agree fresh snow is always nice.
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    Amrin, Thank you for your comment. The light was morning glow before sunrise.
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    Thanks Jim that light was just before sunrise a bit of morning glow.
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    Thanks you Ben
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    Here is another snowy scene up Oak Creek canyon this morning. There must have been a foot of snow in the northern part of the canyon. C&C welcome. Bob
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    Cofee Pot Rock, Sedona Arizona

    Nice shot Eric. Glad you got out to shoot. Bob
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    Blue Morning at Lake McDonald

    Kyle, Like the blue look. It makes the image. Bob
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    The Watchman watches the Milky Way

    Hey Jim, If you try it again let me know and I may join you. Bob
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    Another snowy Sedona Scene

    Thank you Jim. Great to get this recognition.
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    The Watchman watches the Milky Way

    Jim, This is a nice shot. Really like the way you positioned the milky way. When I do two shot milky way I always shoot one shot just after the sunsets just in case I need it then shoot the milky way a few hours later. Bob
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