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    New Pup - Luna

    My Freya passed away last November. After a year of no dog, I have been missing one in my life terribly. I decided it was time for another. A local girl's dogs had new pups, and after some visiting, I decided to get one. She is a pure bred APBT and a real sweatheart. Her parents were on...
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    FINALLY a Couple Clear Nights - The Heart Nebula (maybe my best one yet)

    Thanks! Here is a link to a larger image, it is much nicer to look at than the small image posted here...
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    FINALLY a Couple Clear Nights - The Heart Nebula (maybe my best one yet)

    With all the smoke and clouds, I've only been able to do astrophotography 6 nights since April. I finally had a couple of clear nights over the past week or so to finish up one more image. This is the Heart Nebula, located 7500 light years from Earth. The nebula is lit from the ionizing...
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    Ready for Competition

    Thanks Ben! Thanks Jim, yeah between the cloudy skies and the bad wildfires, the nights haven't been good for astrophotography for months. I am set up now and shooting the Heart Nebula, its the first time I've been out since June.
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    Ready for Competition

    After reloading some ammo, I thought I should take a photo of my competition rig for USPSA Carry Optics. So I swept the garage floor, set up a couple of remote flashes and, and this is what I got. Shot with my Pentax 645D (LOVE that camera!) and Pentax-A 645 105mm F3.5 lens. Sig-P320-Legion...
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    Another Elephant Trunk

    Looks great to me, very "smooth" result! Images like this make me want to break down and buy PixInsight. I just feel I might be missing something with just using Photoshop. Awesome shot!
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    Mystery Galaxy

    That is NGC 3359, a barred spiral galaxy located 49 Million light years away. You can go to and upload any astro photo. The site uses "plate solving" to show the exact location of the image and labels any object in that image. My imaging software that runs...
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    Pinwheel Galaxy - 20200525

    Looks EXCELLENT, especially coming from a DSLR, and at only 1.5 hours! The Pinwheel is a hard one for me to capture in my Bortle 6 skies. You've shown me what I am missing with shooting in dark skies.
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    Another Elephant's Trunk - 5 Hours with the RASA 11

    I finally had a clear night last night to finish up shooting the Elephant's Trunk. This image is made from a total of 5 hours of imaging, over two nights separated by two weeks (been cloudy here a long time) The Elephants Trunk is located 2400 light years away and is 20 light years high...
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    Elephant Trunk - Only Ha So Far

    Looks great to me Mike! 8 hours! Lots of detail in that image.
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    M81-M82 Widefield

    Great image! Nice editing as well.
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    I'm Famous (not really) - Denver 7 Article on My Astrophotography

    Thanks everyone! Denver 7 finished the video. They have been playing short segments on the morning news and are supposed to air some tonight and tomorrow morning (must be a slow news day ;))
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    I'm Famous (not really) - Denver 7 Article on My Astrophotography

    I was contacted by Denver 7 a few days ago about my astrophotography. They wanted to do an article and a short segment on the evening news. Yesterday we had a Zoom meeting in my dome and I gave them a few photos. The article posted today and they will be airing it on the evening news...
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