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    Winged Wednesday 5/5/2021

    as good as Black Crowned Night herons gets, Roger
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    Winged Wednesday 5/5/2021

    Extraordinary work as expected, Debbie
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    Winged Wednesday 5/5/2021

    great set, Ken. What country? The dipper is an call, I'm thinking Merlin for the other bird.
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    Winged Wednesday 5/5/2021

    gorgeous set, Doug
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    Winged Wednesday 5/5/2021

    that lens is a keeper. Great photo too
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    Winged Wednesday 5/5/2021

    The only thing my Wing Wednesday are they have wings and they were photographed from a bout on Lake Pleasant, Arizona on the same margining Great horned owl Same Great horned owl nest from a slightly different angle Great egret pestered by gnats Snowy egret Clark's grebe Neotropic...
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    Roadrunner with a tasty snack

    The scorpion's stinger can't penetrate the Roadrunner's bill but the mouth and throat are potential targets. The roadrunner ran to a flat rock and thrashed it to death before swallowing. Close up crop 1/4000 sec exposure makes it seem like he stationary when he's really running.
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    The clock is ticking

    stunning photo, Len
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    Folded Poppy

    love the dew drops, color and all.
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    Prothonotary Warbler Singing

    Beautiful photo of the crooner, Don
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    I wish I was a little taller

    The desert cottontail, also known as Audubon's cottontail is a common rabbit. To live here they have to work for their food. The population builds up al year only to be reduce significantly when the raptor migrate through.
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    Out for a stroll

    Gorgeous photo. Made me smile frome ear to era. Thank you for that, Roger
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    Fighting for the Light

    Gorgeous colors, composition and all, Alan
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    Winged Wednesday 4/28/2021

    as expected, gorgeous photos, Doug
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