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    The Glowing Andromeda Galaxy

    Jim, Yes just the exact amount of thin clouds can produce a nice 'glow filter' as you show here - really accentuates the brighter stars and gives the image a cool quality. I am now officially waiting for my mono version of this camera (but from QHY) and so it is exciting to see all these...
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    M20 - Trifid Nebula

    Jim, This looks great - really like the smooth low noise results and the colors seem to be spot on for sure. Do you have a version that includes the stars? I think that would warrant an addition to this post, or perhaps even a GIF animation showing the starry version fading into the starless...
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    solar annimation

    Great stuff - really impressive work! I think some of those sunspots must have helped with Amateur Radio Field Day, which I just finished participating in this weekend :) ML
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    New Gear Coming

    No new images for me still yet, but some new gear finally is on its way: I was already wanting one of these, but after seeing the excellent results from some of our accomplished astroimagers, I ordered my own IMX571 based astro camera, this time from QHY. QHY268M 9 slot 2 inch filter wheel...
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    Trees before the storm

    One of the best IR images I have seen, as mentioned above the processing is what really makes this special. ML
  6. Polaris_Email.JPG


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    Solar Prominences 5-29-22

    Chuck, OK that is good info to know for the future if I do get into solar. Thanks! ML
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    Thursday’s Task

    Tremendous image Ken, gotta get to Isle of Skye someday! ML
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    Thursday’s Task

    Wow Alan, that is REALLY magnificent in every way, glad to see that one posted again! ML
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    The Basalt and the Waves

    Very nice Alan, and inspiring to get the drone back out, although it is a few minutes drive from here to get special scenes like that :) Lovely composition and colors in this one. ML
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    Birth of the Milky Way

    Fun shot Jim, well seen as a potential image in your scouting, and then very nicely realized. ML
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    Solar Prominences 5-29-22

    Chuck, Wowser! Those are jaw-dropping, especially that close up one, although I also enjoy the images showing the fuller view of the sun's limb and the body too. Nice to know the ASI1600 can do such a good job on solar! ML
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    M101 & NGC4565

    danny, These are excellent - M101 has nice color and detail with colorful stars, and 4565 is showing subtle details in the dust lane, nicely done! ML
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    M51 - Whirlpool Galaxy

    Danny, Great image of this iconic target. I think the post processing is excellent with very nice detail and subtle colors coming out. Great work. I hear you with galaxy post processing and star issues - always a challenge to bring out the fainter galaxy detail without adversely affecting the...
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    M8 + M20 Nebula's

    Nice pairing showing these 2 together along with the interstellar dust of the region. Great job!
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