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    Road Trip

    I'm heading out Sunday for a road trip. I had this trip scheduled for April, but well, you know what happened!!😭 I'll be running through Northern New Mexico up into Southern Utah and maybe spend a day or two around Moab. Will then head up to Wyoming to hopefully see some fall color around the...
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    Wild night at Pickthorne Lake.

    Many thanks, everyone! It was truly a special evening!
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    Wild night at Pickthorne Lake.

    Anticipating my next trip out west in a few weeks and was perusing some older folders. I found one I had completely forgotten about. Wild night at Pickthorne Lake. 6-23-20. 24 mm, iso 100, 0.5 sec, f/9.
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    Tractors r us

    Found at the old cotton gin at Keo, AR. 1) Nothing runs like a ..... 2) Rusty Farmall 3) Ford Powermaster
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    Another outing at Keo, AR

    Went back Sunday afternoon to the old cotton gin at Keo, AR for a few more small scenes/abstracts. The shed and car port the above was abstracted from. Detail from a blower/air cleaner assembly The entire complex
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    Morning Light at Valley of Fire

    Excellent! I really love that light!
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    El Piñon

    Really nice mood here, Jeffrey! Nicely seen and done!
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    Mid-day clouds

    Thanks, Ben!
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    Mid-day clouds

    After running a couple errands this morning late, I noticed the sky was full of some really cool clouds! So I stopped off at Pickthorne Lake to see what I could come up with. The bright harsh mid-day sunlight meant this one was destined for b&w. Two shot, up and down, pano. Very pleasant, read...
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    San Juan Mission Cemetery

    Striking scene with some really cool contrasts that fit the mood beautifully!
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    Vote for a Barn for Barry

    The original, in color, followed by the b&w in #4. I like the barn a lot, I'd have stopped for it, too!!:cool:
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    The Recipe #50 - Into the Sun

    Approaching Cantil and Red Rock Canyon on the Randsburg Road.
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    Some Fall Chaos

    I love these scenes from the Hoh! Excellent work, Alan!
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    Junction Bridge....

    it's always in the up position, Ben. Been converted to a pedestrian bridge.
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    Junction Bridge....

    Thanks, Alan! Yep, this one has undergone conversion to a pedestrian bridge, permanently raised for river traffic. You might spot the glassed in elevator shaft, and stairwells.
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