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    DV.. it's been a year

    It's been a year to the day, March 6, 2020, that Bart and I ventured into the park to wander and shoot. Little did we know what was in store for us on the other side of the trip...What a crazy year it's been for everybody, so please continue to stay safe and do the best you can. Hopefully, we...
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    Mt. Fuji

    On a run to Fuji 2016. Crisp winter air and some pretty nice light :) All comments welcome and thanks for viewing regards, Dean
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    HBD Ansel!

    Really beautiful shots.. I never tried to imitate him but have always been inspired by him.. here is something from Yosemite
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    Icy Lake McDonald

    Beautiful shot of the Mt...the use of the ice lines/patterns really elevates the comp . I also love the soft light.
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    Hadrian's Wall

    These are beautiful, Ken... I actually think the last one is my favorite, but they all rock :)
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    More Utah lake (Edit of image 1 added)

    Very nice Ben, I agree with Alan I like the 2nd .. I think it's the way you composed it with less land in the FG. the light on the Mt. is also really sweet.
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    Walking while Winter..

    Thanks, everybody I appreciate all the comments :)
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    Waterfall Wednesday 2/10/2021

    Great shots everyone! Here is one from a local park across the street from my house I shot the other day ... The Ice Bath
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    Athabasca Glacier (Added B&W version)

    Jameel.. this looks very nice in color but I believe it would really look great converted to B/W.. Red filter for the sky
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    Walking while Winter..

    I hope everybody is enjoying the Winter and staying safe. After a few recent snow events, I headed up to Harriman State Park to walk around and take a few photos Here are a few of the images. All comments welcome and thanks for viewing regards, Dean #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
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    Ice Reflection

    Super creative.. great capture Doug.
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    Blue over Blue

    That's really beautiful.
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    I'm back ... after a snowy Adirondack outing with Dean

    I love this one Bart you did really well here. After this last blast of cold arctic air that will be the last of the open water for a while :)
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    "Winter Shoreline"

    Kurt.. Stunning shot, print this on metal and large it looks great !
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    Nice Tom.. and a good reminder I need to make a run through Vermont.. I use to ski there all the time and its been awhile.
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