1. Jim Dockery

    Mt. Stuart from Bean Pk.

    Mt. Stuart is the Queen of the East Central Cascades. At 9,416 ft. it is the 2nd highest non-volcanic peak in the state and has some of the best alpine rock climbing. I got this shot from a ski tour on Bean Peak just SW of Stuart. The SE face of Bean hides the lower half of Stuart.
  2. Jim Dockery

    Teanaway Ski Day

    A beautiful day of spring skiing up the Teanaway valley in the central Cascades.
  3. Jim Dockery

    Mt. Index Fly-by

    I finally viewed and edited this fly-by I got of Mt. Index a while back. Amazing the tools we have at a reasonable price now!
  4. Jim Dockery

    Sunrise on Pinnacle Peak, North Cascades

    Not to be confused with the mountain of the same name in Mt. Rainier NP, this one is viewed from Hwy. 20 in the North Cascades. Paul Bunyan's Stump just to the left.
  5. Alisa

    Commute home....

    A couple weeks ago It snowed on the way home from work. It didn't amount to much but worked out well for me as I have been wanting to capture these all this last winter! CC welcome! #1 Not impressed with the snow... #2 Th right to be grumpy as this is supposed to be Spring! #3 Mean...
  6. Jim Dockery

    Central Cascades Morning II

    After Jim Fox's comments on my previous version of this in portrait orientation I went back and found this landscape zoomed in version and processed it today for a tighter view into the distant peaks.
  7. Jim Dockery

    East Face of Mt. Index

    This might be my best from a recent hike up to Lake Serene below Mt. Index. This is a drone pano made from a total of 65 shots - 5 rows x 3 columns x bursts of 5 stacked and median blended then stitched in ACR.
  8. Jim Dockery

    Mt. Index

    The start of spring but Mt. Index is still wearing it's winter coat.
  9. Jim Dockery

    Lake Serene

    Yesterday I set the alarm for 4 am so that I could make it up to Lake Serene below Mt. Index for sunrise. I was expecting this popular just less than 4 mile trail to be well boot packed, but was disappointed that the last mile was deep snow that only had a snowshoe track. My pace slowed...
  10. JimFox

    Grand Teton Bunkhouse

    Or maybe a Chicken Roost? A Hog House? Not sure, but it looked cool kind of off by itself and buried in snow with the Tetons behind it. This was from a few weeks ago. All comments are welcome, Jim
  11. JimFox

    Get a Shovel

    From the Grand Teton National Park over at Mormon Barn Row. There had been a bunch of snow. While the road down towards them was plowed for about a mile, you had to walk on the snow to get to the barns and it was about 3 to 4 feet thick. This one has a Custom WB, but no Channel Swap as I am...
  12. Alisa

    Morning Detour

    This morning was really Monday blues!! I didn't want to go into work this morning! I live in Loveland, CO and commute to Longmont, CO Monday - Friday for work. It's about a 30-45 min drive... This morning I had to take a detour because the trees were beautiful!! CC welcome!
  13. Jim Dockery

    Skiing Ruby Mt.

    Ross Lake and Hozomeen Mt. behind.
  14. Jim Dockery

    Last of Winter

    Might have been our last day of X-skiing up The Mountain Loop Highway. A bit of new snow made for good skiing and nice views of the misty mountains. Hall Peak North Ridge of Big Four Valley View
  15. Alisa

    After the storm...

    Sunrise after the storm! I snowshoed this time!! This area is only about a half mi from my house. CC Welcome!
  16. Alisa

    March Snow

    Northern Colorado is getting some snow and today I went out in it because I was getting anxious to go out and play in it! CC Welcome.
  17. Jim Dockery

    Mt. Saint Helens Drone View

    Taken from the SE, which is where the climbers route goes. This is a drone view from above the snow-park I camped at. I tried to ski it the next day but had to turn back 1,000 ft. from the rim in a whiteout. Click through for large gallery image.
  18. Jim Dockery

    Upper Slopes of Mt. Saint Helens

    I made a solo attempt on Mt. Saint Helens yesterday. Soon after I got this shot the clouds from the west enveloped me in a snowy whiteout. I turned around about 1,000 ft. below the rim and skied down by brail - we joke that it is like being inside a ping-pong ball. Luckily some other skiers...
  19. Jim Dockery

    Deer Creek Winter View + drone view

    I got this yesterday on a long slog breaking trail up the Deer Creek road off The Mountain Loop Hwy in WA. I just processed this drone pano looking back down the valley that I'd skied up. The picture above was taken back down just around the corner. I was hoping for more sun breaks and a good...
  20. Jim Dockery

    X-skiing on a stormy day

    Lots of it, but the snow was rather wet and sticky. My wife trudging her way up a forest service road near Stevens Pass, WA.
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