3 Dogs in 3 Months

Debbie Stahre

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Living with my brother and his wife, as the pandemic was winding up last year, we lost 3 of our cherrished pet dogs in 3 months to old age.

#1 Sophie Bear my 13 year old Newf.

Obrien, a chihuahua mix that my sister-in-law rescued years ago, placed with her daughter and ended up with him back. Being chihuahua he was too hard to place with his biting habits and she kept him another 7 or 8 years. He was an old man when he passed.

#3 Gin was a Boston Terrier rescue that my sister-in-law and brother kept for about 11 years. She was an older girl who came off the streets of Texas after having had a recent litter of puppies. My sis ran agility with her.




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That's too bad about the losses Debbie. But each of these dogs look so personable. They were captured so well.
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