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    Thunderstorms over Hadrian's Wall

    Hi Graeme I have cycled the Coast to Coast and live in Cumbria so know the West quite well. Ken
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    Thursday's Task - 03/04/2021

    Avignon in the South of France, a vibrant modern city but in the heart is the Papal Palace, the seat of western christianity in the 14thC. It is also one of the most frequently visited locations during my cycling trips, good food, good wine, dry warm weather and stunning scenery. Close to the...
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    Quarry Beck again

    Wednesday's exrecise on bike wearing wellies and with a tripod tied to my bike. The water has slowly subsided allowing texture to show within the stream. I have been shortening my exposure times recently in little streams like this. 1/4s @27mm. I don't think that I can get any more out of this...
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    Waterfall Wednesday 3/3/2021

    Thanks Alan, no direct light in any of the images, the USA brought the world fake news I bring you fake sunshine. Ken
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    Waterfall Wednesday 3/3/2021

    Cycled to my local beck today and managed a few images. 1 overall view and 3 detail shots obtained by clambering into some challenging positions. Ken
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    Thunderstorms over Hadrian's Wall

    Only about 1 mile. Living here I have terrific wet weather gear and I came here because of the thunderstorms so was very well prepared for the weather. Ken
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    WV Winter in (barely) color

    All of the images are great but, for me, #3 is wonderful. Ken
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    Thunderstorms over Hadrian's Wall

    I have posted colour versions from here, during this storm however this is a new previously unprocessed image. Lots of raindrops removed from this panorama. Ken
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    Rockcliffe SW Scotland. A day trip destination when our children were young with gently shelving sand, rock pools and houses that I would have liked to live in. Then I couldn't because it was too far to schools and work and now because it is too far to a doctors. Ken
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    St. Stephen's Budapest

    This is a multi shot hand held pano, hand stitched as no program could handle it. My wife and I had cycled down the Danube to here, she is wearing the hat. Fairly easy cycling, good weather , but the languages were impossible, we had to rely on my poor German and mime. Ken
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    Waterfall Wednesday 2/24/2021

    Having said that I had shown you the last image from Deepdale I have found another and this is the last. It looks as though I can go out and photograph at the end of March (5th April in Scotland) and my vaccination should have kicked in so I should be out and about photographing. Ken
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    Afternoon light in Cumbria with new images

    Looking towards Crummock Water in the English Lake District. Still looking at and re-processing old images, this one from May 2016. The second image is from slightly earlier with a couple of the local Fell Ponies. The third image from higher and later. I often climb up this little fell and had...
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    I won a competition

    This was the result of the Northern Counties Photographic Federation Club Championship held recently between the approximately 50 clubs in this area (3,000 photographers). I was awarded best in show and I was happy that it was one of my new process very dark mono waterfalls. However I realise...
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    Magnetic Lens Filter System

    I use the Kase system, excellent apart from the cost.I have the 95mm wide ones and 2 filters, ND plus polariser, gives no vignetting on a Sony 16-35GM. The magnetic system works well and I am never in any doubt that it will hold. The magnetic cap is secure when no filter fitted but feels...
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    Friday's Focus - 2018/09/14 - B&W Landscapes

    I have been playing with different mono conversions. Here is a new one from Western Brittany looking quite stormy despite it actually being a wonderful warm May morning with me in shorts t shirst and bare feet walking along the surf line stopping every now and then to take an image. Ken
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