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    Waterfall Wednesday 6/16/2021

    From Saturday's visit to Pistyll Rhaeadr in Wales. When I arrived I went for a walk up the opposite hill to get an overall view. The first 2 images are from approx 1/2 mile away and the last from the middle of the stream just below the lower fall. The interesting point is the odd perspective in...
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    Thursday’s Task 06-10-2021

    These are the only 2 that I can find as I am without laptop.
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    A trip to Wales

    I am away from home and any means of processing images so this is from my phone. Very little water coming over this 240ft waterfall and getting an image without lots of bystanders took a lot of time but I managed in the end. This is Pistyll Rhaeadr and I have no idea how to pronounce it. Lots of...
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    3 little maids are we

    I don't usually do street photography but watching the audience outside of Munich's town hall while the Glockenspiel and animated figures were doing their thing gave me an opportunity. If you are wondering about the title it is a song from a comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan. Ken
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    Waterfall Wednesday 6/9/2021

    A local river, the Irthing, flows through a 250ft deep gorge about 5 miles from my home. I hadn't visited this location for more than 25years until last Thursday. Park at the Roman wall, walk down through a Roman quarrie and end up on the river with wild garlic perfuming the air. The water...
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    Thank you very much
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    Apart from the terrific difference in age and fitness between me and Pro riders my bike weighs approx 32lb (UCI 15lbs)and I carry 30lb+ of clothes, tent, food, cooking stuff and up to 7lb of water as I can't seem to find a group of helpers to deliver musettes to me when I need them. On a more...
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    Winged Wednesday 6/9/2021

    Damselflies again. From the edge of the Dordogne river with a 70-200mm lens. I was waiting for the light for some landscape images and saw the damselflies flitting around so had a go. Whilst doing this I missed a terrific image as a gaggle, what is the collective term for hot air balloons...
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    4 images from Beaulieu sur Dordogne

    Thanks everyone. We cycled in this area when we were a lot younger. Going along valleys was magical but getting out of them required a fair bit of effort. Ken
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    Not so much a travel guide more a flavour of this stunning island. I have visited twice once on a bicycle and secondly with my wife in a car. Cycling in Corsica requires muscles and a degree of fitness that I no longer possess and probably never have. Apart from the East coast' which is...
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